YEAR OF THE GRAND POLARITY “It’s Your Choice: Battle of Opposites or Synergy of Unity”









あなたの中の女教皇とライオネスの共存に万歳! 沈黙を保ちつつ、たくましい唸り声をあげてください。


YEAR OF THE GRAND POLARITY “It’s Your Choice: Battle of Opposites or Synergy of Unity”
The year 2018 adds up to eleven, the strong LIONESS, and then eleven adds up to two, the wise PRIESTESS. These two archetypes live within us all and they are completely opposite of each other. We have choice, either live in conflict or unify this grand polarity into a personal synergistic powerhouse.
Differences between Priestess and Lioness.
Priestess Looks within and Lioness Acts out.
Priestess is higher self Intuition and Lioness is animal Instinct.
Priestess Preserves and Lioness Expands.
Priestess is Spirit and Lioness is Body.
Priestess is Ice and Lioness is Fire.
Priestess is Peace and Lioness is Victory.
Priestess is Truth and Lioness is Satiation.
Priestess is Contemplation and Lioness is Expression.
Newton’s universal law of motion is that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The more reflective Priestess we are, the more the Lioness within us wants to express and act out. This dynamic can create inner conflict, which leads to unbalanced insecurity and results in a “contradictory” life that can destroy and collapse.
By awareness of this polarity in the world and in ourselves, we can unify them and achieve an amazing empowered synergy! To do this, first understand and live by the principle that life and the world is not “either/or,” which is a fallacy of logic that is artificial and mechanical. The truth of who we are and how the world works is “both/and.” You can’t have one without the other – male/female, day/night, inhale/exhale.
The greatest opportunity for 2018 is to be both Priestess AND Lioness! Live in the “and.” To go within as the Priestess is to know how to act out in the world, and acting out is to know more about who you are. The Priestess says, “no,” and this really means like the Lioness saying “yes” to something else. The Priestess holds and conserves and this allows the Lioness to strengthen and expand. The Priestess follows the intuitive call of the higher self, spiritual life force and this empowers the Lioness’ peronal embodiment of the life force.
The easy way to be both Priestess and Lioness is think of yourself as a balancing dance. Sitting around, reflecting, and meditating like the Priestess absolutely needs to be balanced by being Lioness physical and mobile. While the Priestess is quiet, be the Lioness and sound out. As the Priestess lives in thought and reflection, be the Lioness spontaneous and passionate. While the Priestess is an introvert make sure you extrovert yourself like the Lioness who struts her stuff.
A person who balances Priestess and Lioness is synergized! This means you are far more creative as you combine opposites, like fire and water, heart and mind, body and spirit, outer and inner. In so doing, you become much more adaptable and alive! This quality of enhanced aliveness makes you more renewable, more sustainable, more resilient and capable of managing a changing, competitive, chaotic world.
Long live the Priestess AND the Lioness in You! Be silent and Go roar.


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